Escuela de idiomas Nómadas | 6 idioms para aprender este weekend - Aprende inglés con Nómadas Escuela de Idiomas - Alcazar de San Juan
Hoy os traemos una serie de idioms relacionados con la parte de la semana que más nos gusta: el weekend!!
Lista i6 idioms para aprender este weekend - Aprende inglés con Nómadas Escuela de Idiomas - Alcazar de San Juan
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6 idioms para aprender este weekend


A unas horas de comenzar el fin de semana, os dejamos un listado de idiomas relacionados con la mejor parte de la semana: el weekend! 🙂

Idioms para un fin de semana

a wet weekend
this expression can be used to describe rainy weather on the weekend, but here we use it to describe a person who we think is boring and not fun
‘I don’t like him. He’s as much fun as a wet weekend!’
a long weekend
This expression decribes not working on the weekend, and also, having an extra day off on Friday or Sunday – probably because of a national holiday. At least three days off including Saturday and Sunday
‘I feel refreshed after my long weekend. I love having three days off!’
A dirty weekend
This expression is usually refers to a couple going away somewhere for the weekend to have sex. It is often used to describe a secret relationship where the couple are possibly married, but not to each other (an affair):
The boss was caught having a dirty weekend with his secretary! His wife is going to divorce him.’
a Saturday night special
This slang phrase is becoming a little old fashioned these days. A Saturday night special is a cheap and small gun. The name first appeared in the New York Times back in the ’60s.
‘The robber was caught by the police carrying a Saturday night special.’
Sunday best
Your Sunday best are your smartest or ‘best’ clothes. If you were going to a formal party you would wear your Sunday best. Traditionally people would dress in smart clothes on a Sunday when they went to church:
‘Joanna looked lovely all dressed up in her Sunday best’.
Sunday driver
A Sunday driver is someone who drives very slowly. The description has a negative meaning. We use it to desribe a driver who makes other drivers angry because of their slow driving. Sunday drivers go for a drive on Sunday just for something to do. They are not in a hurry and are not going anywhere special:


¿Te ha gustado esta clase de vocabulario inglés? ¿Conoces algún otro idiom relacionado con weekend? No dudes en comentarnoslo 🙂




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