Escuela de idiomas Nómadas | 15 phrasal verbs para San Valentin - Aprende inglés con Nómadas Escuela de Idiomas - Alcazar de San Juan
Hoy os traemos una lista indispensable de phrasal verbs en ingles para relaciones románticas.
15 phrasal verbs para San Valentin - Aprende inglés con Nómadas Escuela de Idiomas - Alcazar de San Juan
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15 phrasal verbs para San Valentín


Hoy, día de San Valentín, os traemos una lista de 15 phrasal verbs en inglés relacionados con el amor… o el desamor!


Phrasal verbs list fir romantic relationships


hit on someone
demostrate romantic / sexual interest
ask someone out
invite someone for a date (a romantic encounter)
lead someone on
give the person false hope or expectations about the relationship
hit it off with someone
have a great connection from the first moment you meet the person
fall for someone
fall in love with the person
split up /break up
separate, end the relationship
drift apart
slowly go in different directions over time
hook up with
(slang) have sex with
make up
reconcile after a fight
put up with someone/something
tolerate a difficult, annoying, or unpleasant person or situation
cheat on someone
kiss or have sex with another person (who is not your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend)
make out with someone
kiss the person very passionately
jerk someone around
manipulate the person or use them for your own adventage
go out with someone
go on a date with the person once or be in a relationship with the person
settle down
be in long-term stable relationshipn




Y hasta aquí nuestra lista de phrasal verbs para San Valentín :). Recuerda, si quieres aprender ingles ven a Nómadas y pregunta por nuestras clases de ingles para todos los niveles, y ahora también Speaking Online!!!




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